What is a Land Assembly?

An assembly is joining together multiple lots of land to create a larger parcel.

Reasons for Land Assembly

Usually lots are assembled to create a larger lot that is big enough to support higher density buildings, resulting in a higher land value. For owners, this can mean an opportunity to create tax-free wealth in their primary residence.

Expected Returns

Every property is unique. In some cases, the assembled value is much greater than selling individually. In other cases, the profit would be too little to make it viable. We do not recommend getting involved unless there is a realistic outcome that the owners will realize a profit that justifies the time and complexity.

Determining Potential for Land Assembly

Your current zoning, long-term community vision documents, and policies all determine the potential for what kinds of development is possible. Current supply, consumer demand, and developer activity also affect the likelihood of a desirable outcome.

Dealing with a Developer Directly

Often people are contacted by a developer or a representative directly asking them to sell. This is often turns out to be a better deal for the developer than the property owner. As they are looking out for their own interests, the terms and price will generally be weighted in their favour. They will often draft terms that leave them the option to purchase the property once their due diligence is completed, but without any obligation to you. Knowing your property’s real value is crucial. We work in Your best interest to get maximize exposure to get you the best possible price.

What We Can Do for You

First, we will analyze your property, and then explain to you the development potential for your property. We want you to have a realistic idea of the highest value possible. If your property is right for an assembly and the proposal makes sense for you, we will get to work on a marketing plan to get you maximum exposure. Ultimately, this will get you the best possible price and terms.

If you have questions about your property’s potential, get in touch. There is never any obligation on your part.


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